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Exhibition / archive / Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2014

Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2014
13th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: October 28 - 30, 2014

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

Under the auspices of: International Institute of Refrigeration, International Academy of Refrigeration, Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers “UA-SIGMA”

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On October 28 – 30 the 13th exhibition “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2014” took place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow. It is a unique international specialized event which presents a wide range of cryogenic equipment, technologies, services for production, storage and transportation of industrial, rare gases and LNG; air separation units, vacuum, pump, compressor equipment, measuring devices for low temperatures.

This year the exhibition occupied 2700 sq.m. of total area and joined at one ground 77 companies (43 domestic and 34 foreign ones) from 14 countries: Russia, Germany, France, the USA, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, China, Ukraine and Belarus. Such industry leaders as “Uralcryomash” (Russia), “Chart Ferox” (Czech Republic), “VRV Group” (Italy), “SIAD RUS” (Russia), “Taylor-Wharton” (Slovakia), “Premium Engineering” (Russia) with “Red Mountain Energy” (USA), “TGE Gas Engineering” (Germany), “Herose Gmbh” (Germany) and others took part in the exhibition.

The exhibitor list was also completed with new names:

“K- Flex” offered to the visitors technical insulation made of foam rubber widely used in refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, systems for hot and cold water supply, sewage systems, in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as insulation technology pipelines, mains and power equipment;

“Spectron Gas Control Systems” presented fully automatic gas cabinets for semiconductor gases, alarm and control systems for gas applications, gas purification systems to improve or secure the purity of gases;

● On-line and portable gas analysers for process control used in IG, petrochemical, chemical, food and energy industries were demonstrated by the manufacturer - “Servomex”;

“Technical Support Center "Science" (CTS «NAUKA") presented cryogenic systems and a rich variety of cryostats (optical and non-optical, nitrogen and gel; with continuous flow and a closed-cycle), cryogenic and thermodynamic tables for microscopy;

● A full service international operating cryo integrator “Demaco” offered to the visitors a comprehensive range of cryogenic related products and systems: storage systems, vacuum insulated piping, phase separators, valve boxes, multiple transfer lines, subcoolers, valves, monitoring & control systems, vacuum chambers, filling stations.

The specialists also had an opportunity to learn about the products of other new exhibitors and about the innovations from our constant participants.

«CRYOGEN» firma presented at the exhibition the product that has no analogues at the market of countries of the customs union: helium mini-cylinders for balloon inflation at home.

The 2014 exhibition attracted much interest of Chinese companies. Among the exhibitors from China Sead Industrial Gas Engineering (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. presented its services as a foreign-owned enterprise professionally engaged in R & D, design, manufacture and sales of industrial gas separation plants, related instruments and devices, which provides relevant technical advice, technical service, and after-sales service.

Shenzhen YIHO Technology Co., Ltd. offered to the visitors project design, export of the whole set of equipment and technologies, turnkey projects in the field of air separation plants (for producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc), natural gas reforming H2 plants, H2O2 plants, CO2 recovery plants and related dynamic equipments such as compressors, expanders, cryogenic pumps.

In the framework of the business program of “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases – 2014” the following events took place: 11th International Conference “Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment. Prospects of Development”, International Conference “Industrial Gases”, International Conference “Liquefied Natural Gas”, Seminar «Actual Problems of the Safety Equipment Operation in the Field of Cryogenic Engineering» and Presentation-Seminar «LLC "Cryomash-BZKM" Development in the Field of Manufacture of the Equipment Using under Low and Cryogenic Temperature, in the Oil and Gas Branch and in Special Applications also».

Specialists of scientific-research institutes and cryogenics related companies made presentations in the frames of the business program. Among them were such companies as “AvtoGazTrans”, “Mueller co-ag” (the official distributor of which in the RF is Industrial Company Armnefteprom, Ltd.), “Cryogenmash”, “WEKA AG” (Switzerland), “CRYOPAL - Air Liquide” (France), “Iceblick” and others. Traditionally, the Academic adviser of the conferences was the famous Russian scientist Mr. Alexey Arkharov.

More than 2000 specialists visited the exhibition, 98% of them were branch specialists, representatives of metallurgical and machinery-building enterprises, oil and gas companies, scientific-research institutes, enterprises of chemical, food, medical, aerospace, atomic, transport, shipbuilding, railroad industries, electronics and energetics.

The exhibition demonstrated qualitative growth and got many positive reviews from the exhibitors and visitors. According to their opinion, “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases” is not only an important industrial event which favors to strengthening of relationship between long-standing partners and establishment of new efficient business contacts, but also a significant image event, presence at which is obligatory for every serious market player and for any company specializing at cryogenic and industrial gas equipment and technologies.

The next 14th edition of “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases” will take place on October 27 - 29, 2015 at Pavilion 5 of the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.



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Exhibitor List of "Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2014":

  • ACD CRYO AG, Muenchenstein, Switzerland
    (reciprocating and centrifugal cryogenic pumps)
  • Alekseevka CHIMMASH, Voronezh, Russia
    (stationary tanks, vessels for liquified hydrocarbon, air recievers, carbon dioxide equipment)
  • Annex-LPG, Krasnogorsk, Russia
    (liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied compressed gas)
  • Argon, Tula, Russia
    (industrial gases, gas mixtures, gas welding equipment)
  • Armnefteprom Industrial Company, Ltd, Moscow, Russia, official distributor of Muller co-ax ag
    (QUADAX butterfly valves for specific medias including cryogenic)
  • AvtoGazTrans, Samara, Russia
    (carbon-dioxide equipment and its after-sales service)
  • Autogenmash, Tver, Russia
    (spare parts for air separation equipment, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, turboexpanders)
  • Baglioni Group, Novara, Italy
    (heat exchangers, ambient vaporizer, storage tanks, cryostats, cryogenic transfer lines)
  • CaDi Ltd., Samara, Russia
    (commercial and special carbon dioxide equipment on turnkey basis)
  • CAZGIR İnş. Isı Sist. Tic ve San. A.Ş., Çorum, Turkey
    (cryogenic stationary and transportable vessels, LNG and LPG tanks)
    (glass-fiber, multilayer insulation material)
  • Chart D&S Europe, Decin, Czech Republic
    (vacuum insulated vessels, heat exchangers, transportable cryogenic vessels and other equipment)
  • “Competence Center on Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment”, Non-Commercial Partnership, Khimki, Russia
    (consulting on oxygen and cryogenic machinery, project and works expertise and other services in the declared area)
  • Convince CJSC, Moscow, Russia
    (compressors, air separation units, oxygen generators, nitrogen generators)
  • Creon Energy, Moscow, Russia
    (a full range of consulting services for the enterprises of the Russian petrochemical complex and related industries)
  • Cryobak, Moscow, Russia / M-Trade, Perm, Russia
    (cryogenic equipment / gasifiers, tanks, fuel reservoirs, cryogenic pumps, cryogenic fittings)
  • CRYO-CAN Cryogenic and Pressure Tanks Ltd. Co., Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey
    (cryogenic tanks and pressure vessels)
  • Cryoconsul, Moscow, Russia
  • Cryogen firma, LLC, Russia, Ryazan
    (producing cryogenic liquids, industrial, medical, food and beverage gases. Gas cylinders, valves, gas analyzers, cryogenic and other equipment supplying)
  • Cryogenic gas technology LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (LNG units, cryogenic storage and regasification systems of liquefied industrial gases)
  • Cryomash-BZKM LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (high-tech equipment, cryogenic valves, equipment for low temperatures, LNG manufacture, LNG transport, LNG storage)
  • Cryoprom Industrial Commercial Firm, Odessa, Ukraine
    (ASU, systems for liquide gas storage and transportation, systems of drainage and purification of technical gases)
  • CryoSpecCentre EDO LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (turnkey cryogenic systems, cryogenic vessels, gasifiers, pressure swing adsorbtion plants, gas providing systems)
  • Cryostar SAS, Hesingue, France
    (cryogenic pumps, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, automatic filling stations for industrial gases and LNG)
  • Cryosystems, Moscow, Russia
    (vacuum and cryogenic equipment)
  • Cryotec LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic tanks, vaporizers, transportable gasifiers, cryobanks, cryogenic accessories)
  • Cryotec Anlagenbau GmbH, Wurzen, Germany
    (machines and plants for air separation, carbon dioxide recovery
    (scrubbing/ liquefaction), hydrocarbon - applications, special applications of technical gases)
  • Cryotrade Ltd., Moscow, Russia
    (cryostats, Dewars, recovery gas systems, cryogenic vacuum pumps)
  • Demaco Cryogenics Russia, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic infrastructure of LNG terminals, Air Separation Units, storage systems, and other cryo and vacuum systems)
  • FERAD s.r.o., Košice, Slovak Republic
    (ñryogenic stationary and transportable minitanks manufacturer)
  • Gasoil press, Moscow, Russia
  • Gasworld, Truro, UK
    (specialized global industrial gas magazine)
  • Gt7, Moscow, Russia
  • Eurasia - ADR, Cologne, Germany
    (transport and stationary tanks, air and gas separation plants and other new and used Europian cryogenic equipment)
  • Fives, Allschwil, Switzerland
    (centrifugal and reciprocating cryogenic pumps and aluminium plate-fit heat exchangers)
  • Herose GmbH, Bad-Oldesloe, Germany
    (safety relief valves for gas, flow and steam processing)
  • Karbonsan Pressure Vessels and Trading Co., Istanbul, Turkey
    (cryogenic and PUR insulated stationary tanks, transportable cryogenic and PUR insulated vessels, ISO tank containers, evaporators, LPG tanks and tankers, tailor-made pressure vessels)
  • Kholodilnaya Tekhnika Publishing House, Moscow, Russia
  • Kislorodmash JSC, Novocherkassk, Russia
    (air separation units and components for them)
  • Kislorodmontazh ZAO, Khimki, Russia
    (mounting of air separation plants, compressor equipment, technological pipelines, cryogenic, chemical, and petrochemical equipment)
  • Krion JSC, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
    (industrial gases)
  • K-Flex LLC, Moscow Region, Russia
    (technical insulation of foam rubber for refrigeration, cryogenic engineering, systems for hot and cold water supply, sewage systems, ventilation and air conditioning, pipelines, mains and power equipment; the only manufacturer with full production in Russia)
  • Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E Bauman (BMSTU), Moscow, Russia, Power Engineering Faculty Refrigeration, Cryogenic Technique and Comfort Life Support Systems Department (E-4)
  • Meca-Inox LLC, Sergy, France
  • LGM, JSC (Kalinin Moscow Pumping Plant), Moscow, Russia
  • Lydall, New-York, USA
    (air, fluid power and life sciences filtration products and thermal and insulating solutions for appliance, cryogenic, electrical and building applications; cryogenic insulation products)
  • Monitoring NPO, Moscow, Russia
    (full range of works of providing plants and factories with industrial gases)
  • Monitoring Ventil & Fiting LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic fittings, cylinders, equipment for cryogenics, high pressure, aggressive media)
  • Monitoring LLS, Moscow, Russia
    (faucets, fittings, cryogenic tanks of the leading world manufacturers)
  • NAUKA CTS LTD, Moscow, Russia
  • Noykem Ltd., Novosibirsk, Russia
    (cryogenic containers for storage and transportation of biological materials, storage equipment and dispensing systems for liquide gases: nitrogen and helium)
  • Premium Engineering LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (air separation units (ASU) with a wide capacity range for different industries)
  • Pskovtehgaz LLC, Pskov, Russia
    (equipment for transportation and gasification of air separation products, repair and modernization)
  • Real Sorb Trade House LLC, Yaroslavl, Russia
    (synthetic granulated zeolites (molecular sieve) TM RealSorb® for cryogenic, oil and gas refining, petrochemical and metallurgical industries)
  • RegO-Europe, Gladenbach, Germany
    (cryogenic fittings, valves, pressure regulators)
  • Sead Industrial Gas Engineering, Hangzhou, China
    (design, manufacture and sales of industrial gas
    separation plants, related instruments and devices)
  • Servomex / RegulaR, Moscow, Russia
    (production and supply of gas analysers and systems)
  • Shanghai Hengye Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China
    (global molecular sieve manufacture and solution supplier)
  • Shanghai RICH Gas Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China
    (PSA Nitrogen generators, PSA/VPSA Oxygen generators, membrane nitrogen generators,air separation equipment, Air compressors, filters)
  • Shenzhen Yiho Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen, China
    (air separation plants, cryogenic liquidation project, cryogenic tanks)
  • SIAD RUS LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (industrial and medical gases, gas production plants, compressors and automation)
  • Spectron Gas Control Systems, Frankfurt, Germany
    (diverse product family, which contains all the appropriate components for a wide spectrum of gases and applications)
  • Sy-Lab LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic equipment for blood banks and cell banks)
  • Stels LLC, Perm, Russia
    (valves and actuators supply, including for cryogenic application)
  • SuZhou Long-Range Cryogenic & Insulation Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China
    (fiberglass insulation material, fiberglass multylayer insulation - composited paper and A.L. foil, fiberglass insulation blanket)
  • Taylor Wharton Slovakia sro, Kosice, Slovakia
    (cryogenic vessels and tanks for liquids transportation and storage)
  • Technex Limited, Kiev, Ukraine
    (cryogenic pumps Fives Cryomec. Supply, including LNG pumps, air separation units, PSA, TSA, LNG units, cryogenic semitrailers, cryocylinders)
  • Technical Committee on standardization TK-114 "Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment", Khimki, Russia
    (technical regulation of oxygen and cryogenic machinery branch, development of national, interstate, international standards in the declared area of activity)
  • Teledyne Energy Systems, USA
    (hydrogen generating systems, hydrogen generators)
  • TGE GAs Engineering GmbH, Germany, Bonn
    (project management of gas storage, handling and processing plants)
  • Tvergazservis Software LLC, Tver, Russia
    (industrial and medical gases, block valves, high-pressure vessels)
  • UA-SIGMA, Odessa, Ukraine
    (Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers)
  • Uralcryomash Joint-Stock Company, Nizhny Tagil, Russia
    (stationary tanks, cryogenic pipelines, gasificators, cryogenic railway cisterns, containers-cisterns for transportation of LNG)
  • VRV S.p.A., Ornago, Italy
    (equipment for storage and transportation of cryogenic gases)
  • WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG, Germany, Witten
    (control and safety equipment for industrial gases)
  • Worthington Industries, Ohio, USA
    (cryogenic stationary, transporting cylinders, ISO-containers)
  • Vanzetti Engineering SRL, Moretta, Italy
    (cryogenic pumps and components for applications in the public and private LNG/LCNG REFUELING STATIONS, MARINE and AIR GASES fields)

Business program of the 13th Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2014:

Venue: Hall 2, Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

The conference is held by the EC "Mir-Expo" under the auspices of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), IIR and IAR.

The conferences were chaired by A.M. Arkharov, a famous Russian scientist, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of "Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases", Doctor of Science, Professor of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), the Honorary member of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), Academician of the International Academy of Refrigeration (IAR), National Awards Laureate.

International Conference «Industrial Gases»

Date: October 28, 2014.


1 Bondarenko V.L., 2 Symonenko I.M., 3 Chigrin A.A.
The Optimization of Periodic Adsorbers, Used in Technologies of Rare Gases Purification
1 Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Moscow, Russia
2 Institute of Refrigeration Cryotechnology and Ecoenergetics, Odessa, Ukraine,
3 Iceblick, Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine

1Bondarenko V.L., 2Symonenko I.M., 3Luschik A.A.
The experience of Implementation of Reflux Condensers for the Enrichment of the NE-HE Mixture at Metallurgical Combines
1 Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Moscow, Russia
2 Institute of Refrigeration Cryotechnology and Ecoenergetics, Odessa, Ukraine
3 Iceblick, Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine

I.A. Arkharov, E.S. Navasardyan, D.A. Dolgopyatov
Numerical Simulation of 21Ne Isotope Hyperpolarization
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

V.L. Bondarenko 1, E.G. Korzh 2, T.V. Diachenko 3
Experimental Investigations of Discharge Characteristics of the Vapor-Lift Supercharger Based on Liquid Nitrogen
1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia
2 Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Odessa, Ukraine
3 Iceblick Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine

International Conference «Liquefied Natural Gas»

Date: October 28, 2014.


A.V. Semenov
LLC Cryomash-BZKM Modern Achievements in the Field of Manufacture of the Equipment for Production, Storage and Application of LNG
“Cryomash-BZKM”, LLC, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia

A.M. Arkharov, V.Yu. Semenov, S.B. Malahov
The Entropy Statistical Analysis of Small Plants for the Liquefaction of Natural Gas of Medium Pressure.
BMSTU, Moscow, Russia
JSC “Cryogenmash, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia
“Cryomash-BZKM”, LLC, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia

S.P. Gorbachev
Safety of Small LNG Production and Consumption
JSC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ", Moscow, Russia

O.Ya. Cheremnykh
Creation of Transport Equipment for Multomode Transport Operations of Cryogenic Liquids
OJSC “Uralcryomash”, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Vaclav Chrz, David Takacs, Irina Kulikova
LNG Virtual Pipelines – Working Projects
Chart Ferox, a.s., Decin, Czech Republic

Didier Bertrand, Natalia DeSanglois
Improve the Profitability of Vehicles in the Mining Industries with StarLiteLNGTM Products

Gregor Gaida, Doctor of Engineering
Innovations in pipeline valves for cryogenic mediums
Vice President of "Müller co-ax ag"
Official distributor in the territory of Russia - “Armnefteprom Industrial Company, Ltd”, Shchelkovo, Moscow area, Russia

SIAD LNG Installations of Small & Middle Capacity
Sergey Bulavinov
LLC SIAD RUS, Moscow, Russia

11th International Conference «Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment. Prospects of Development»

Date: October 29, 2014.


A.M. Arkharov, V.V. Sychev, I.A. Arkharov, V.M. Batenin, A.V. Klimenko
About the Results of the Entropy and Exergy Analysis of the Process of Mixing Different Temperature Ideal Gas Parts
Moscow, Russia

À.Ì. Kaverin, V.G. Baidakov, Ì.N. Khotienkova, V.N. Andbaeva, Ê.À. Grishina, À.S. Pankov
Liquefied Natural Gas as a Multicomponent System: Methods of Measurement and Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties
The Institute of Thermophysics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia

E.Yu. Tarasova
Large-Scale Modernization of JSC “Cryogenmash” Plant
JSC “Cryogenmash”, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia

V.I. Fedotov
Future Direction of the JSC "NPO” Geliymash” Cryogenic Technology
JSC "NPO" Geliymash ", Moscow, Russia

G. Consogno
High-precision Cryogenic Valves for Helium and Hydrogen Liquefiers and Refrigerators
WEKA AG, Switzerland

Mazurin I.M., Ponurovskaia V.
Refrigerant Crisis and a Possible Way Out
Open joint-stock Company “Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering institute”, Moscow, Russia

N.A. Lavrov
Implementation of BMSTU Master's Program "Cryogenic Engineering"
Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), Moscow, Russia

Jonathan SEZ
Manufacture, Storage and Transportation of Liquid Gases, Dewar Vessels
Cryopal-Air Liquide, France

R.V. Petrochenko, M.V. Gubin, V.A. Voronov, M.A. Kolosov
Creating an Experimental Laboratory Desk for Testing Piston Compressor
BMSTU, Moscow, Russia

Presentation-Seminar «LLC "Cryomash-BZKM" Development in the Field of Manufacture of the Equipment Using under Low and Cryogenic Temperature, in the Oil and Gas Branch and in Special Applications also»

Date: October 29, 2014.

International Seminar «Actual Problems of Industrial Gases Production, Storage and Transportation Safety»

Date: October 29, 2014.


S.N. Tyukulmin, V.A. Vlasyuk
Safety Degree of Operating Equipment in the Cryogenic Technology Branch and Tasks of Its Improvement by Development and Introduction of New Standards
JCS “Kislorodmontazh”
Moscow, Russia

R.I. Sysoev
A Set of Equipment, Production Avtogaztrans" Ltd, Samara, Ensure the Effective and Safe Use of Carbon Dioxide.
AvtoGazTrans Ltd.
Samara, Russia

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