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INDUSTRIAL GASES - 2013 - 3rd International Conference


Industrial Gases - International conference, March 11, 2009, Conference hall of the BMSTU, Moscow, Russia


Date: June 26, 2013.

Venue: Conference hall of the BMSTU, Moscow, Russia.

Organizers: Bauman MSTU, Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Organizing Committee:

CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN – A. A. ALEXANDROV, Rector of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), Doctor of Science, Professor, National Award Laureate.

CONFERENCE SCIENTIFIC HEAD - A.M. ARKHAROV, Doctor of Science, Professor, Head of the E-4 Department of the BMSTU, National Awards and Gustav Lorentzen International Award Laureate, Prize Winner and Honorary member of IIR, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

V.L. Bondarenko - Doctor of Science, Prof., Academician of IAR;

I.A. Arkharov - Doctor of Science, Prof., Vice-Rector of the Bauman MSTU, Vice-President of the IIR Commission A1;

E.I. Borzenko - Doctor of Science, Prof., Vice-Rector of SPbSUR&FE, Academician of IAR;

A.V. Butorina – Doctor of Medical Science, Prof. of RSMU, National Awards Laureate;

S.P. Gorbachev - Chief research worker of the JSC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ", Doctor of Science, Prof., Academician of IAR;

Vaclav Chrz – Candidate of Science, Honorary member of IIR;

N.I. Komarova - Secretary of National Russian Committee for IIR;

V.A. Bannikov – General Director of EC “Mir-Expo”;

L.V. Utochkina – Conference Project manager.

Conference Subjects:

  • Thermodynamic and thermo physical properties of gases and mixtures;
  • Innovative air separation engineering;
  • Liquefied natural gas, technologies of manufacture, transportation and usage;
  • Gas purification technologies;
  • Nitrogen and oxygen stations;
  • Carbon monoxide and dioxide producing units;
  • Hydrogen producing technologies;
  • Helium, specialty and rare gases;
  • Energy-efficient technologies for industrial gases production;
  • New technologies in cryogenic gases storage and distribution.

Brief report on the activity:

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) with the assistance of the Exhibition Company “Mir-Expo” has successfully held the International conference “Industrial Gases” for the third time in the BMSTU Conference hall in Moscow.

The conference was headed by A.A. Alexandrov, Rector of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Doctor of Technique, professor, and chaired by A.M. Arkharov, Doctor of Technique, professor, the honorary member of the International Institute of Refrigeration.

About 60 delegates have attended to the conference, the 23 important reports being made.

The representatives of many Russian and foreign scientist, R & D and educational organizations have participated in the conference, i. e. Baumann Moscow State Technical University, Kazakh National University named al-Faraby (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan), JSC “Vekshinski Research Institute of Vacuum Technology”, Moscow State University of Food Production, Institute of Refrigeration, Cryotechnologies and Eco-energetics named after V.S.Martynovsky (Odessa, Ukraine), Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Odessa, Ukraine), the Institute of Thermophysics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, «Gazprom VNIIGAZ», G.M.Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute (ENIN), Interregional Social Foundation «Institute of Engineering Physics» etc. There were delivered the reports of the representatives of the following industrial companies: JSC "NPO "Geliymash", JSC Cryogenmash, Iceblick Ltd (Ukraine), JSC «Uralcryomash», ZAO “Kislorodmontaz”, Servomex Group Ltd. (Great Britain), LLŃ «Gazprom razvitie», JSC "SG-Trans", etc.

The members and post graduates of the BMSTU E4 department have also made their reports.

The delegates were greeted by Professor A.A. Zherdev, Dean of the “Energomashinostrojenie” BMSTU Department, and V.A. Bannikov, the General Director of the Exhibition Company “Mir-Expo”. Professor A.M. Arkharov gave a brief report on the urgency and importance of the conference subjects and put forward the main problems applied to the field of the manufacture, transportation, storage and distribution of the industrial gases.

The high level of the reports was considered and the great interest of the scientific audience to the topics was mentioned. Throughout the conference program, in the general discussion session the contributions have formed the basis for topic for a wide-ranging discussion at the further event.

The opinion of the delegates and members of the organizing Committee to hold the following Industrial Gases conference on April 2015 in the BMSTU was expressed.

Conference reports:

1. Welcome addresses of the BMSTU Rector Prof. A. A. Alexandrov, Head of the BMSTU E4 Chair “Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Air Conditioning and Life Supporting Systems” Prof. A. M. Arkharov, General Director of the EC “Mir-Expo” V. A. Bannikov.


2. Opening speech of the scientific head of the conference, BMSTU Prof. A. M. Arkharov


3. A.M. Arkharov, *S.B.Nesterov
Scientific heritage of K.Tsiolkovski in the low temperature and vacuum technology field
Baumann Moscow State Technical University, *JSC “Vekshinski Research Institute of Vacuum Technology”
Moscow, Russia


4. Stanislaus P. Gorbachev, D.E., prof. Ilya S. Medvedkov
The low temperature treatment of natural gas with producing high-quality LNG
«Gazprom VNIIGAZ»
Moscow, Russia


5. O. Ya. Cheremnykh
The development and organization of the creation of efficient vehicles for multimodal and railway transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
JSC «Uralcryomash»,
Russian Federation, Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Tagil


6. Shubin, G, Martynov, V (JSC "NPO" Geliymash ")
Averin S (JSC "SG-Trans")
Installing drainage tanks for LPG
Moscow, Russia


7. The use of technical gases and gas mixtures in the food industry
Dr. of Sc., prof. Vitaly L. Bondarenko, Dr. of Sc., prof. Yuri M. Symonenko, Ph.D. Petro I. Dalakov, "Iceblick” Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine
Ph.D. ass. Cryogenic Technology dep. Marina V. Poddubnaya
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Odessa, Ukraine


8. A.M.Arkharov, V.Y.Semyonov
Analysis of thermodynamic efficiency of the small scale LNG plant
Bauman MSTU
Moscow, Russia


9. Dawei Zhang, Product Business Manager
Regis Loubatiere, Trace Products Business Manager, Servomex
Utilising developments in Gas Chromatography nitrogen analysis to enhance Crude Argon yield in industrial gas production


10. V.N.Artemov, postgraduate; supervisor I.M. Mazurin, d.t.s.
Study the possibility of using low-temprature distillation for purification of C3F8 from the products of radiolysis
Energy Institute G.M.Krgiganovskogo
Moscow, Russia


11. O.G. Talakin, E.Yu. Tarasova, S.V. Pochechuev
Industrial membrane methods of hydrogen concentration in chemical and petrochemical industry
JSC Cryogenmash
Balashikha-7, Moscow Region, Russia


12. A.M. Kaverin1, V.G. Baidakov1, A.O. Maksimov2
Boiling-up of superheated liquefied gases on a solid surface and under the action of ionizing radiation
1The Institute of Thermophysics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2Pacific Oceanological Institute Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, Russia


13. V.M. Yeroshenko, Prof., Doctor of Technical Science
D.I.Č.Ěazurin, Postgraduate Student
Alternative refrigerants after 2012
G.M.Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute (ENIN)
Moscow, Russia


14. V. L. Bondarenko, A. P. Grafov, A.S. Sirosh
Separation of helium isotopes mixture by method of adsorption
MGTU named after Bauman, Moscow, Russia
Institute of Refrigeration, Cryotechnologies and Eco-energetics named after V.S.Martynovsky, Odessa, Ukraine
Iceblick Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine


15. D.E. S.P. Gorbachev, K.I. Kirienko
Experimental verification of the technology onboard cryogenic fuel filling system
Gazprom VNIIGAZ Ltd
Russia, Moscow region, settlement Razvilka


16. Reyno I. Payanen, Doctor of Technical Sciences Igor M. Mazurin
Research of possibilities SF6 for reception at low temperatures in the refrigerating cycle
G.M.Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute (ENIN)
Moscow, Russia


17. Michael I. Voronin, Boris B. Babakin
Application of electric discharge in a regulated gas media in the refrigerator food processing products
Moscow State University of Food Production
Moscow, Russia


18. Kislenko ,T. Semikolenov, V. Vedin, M. Petrovskaya
Production of helium concentrate from helium gas containing with used combined energy-efficient membrane-cryogenic technology
LLŃ «Gazprom razvitie»
Moscow, Russia


19. Ph.D., prof. Smorodin A.I.*, Ph.D., prof. Red’kin V.V.**, Ph.D., prof. Korobkov A.A.**, Ph.D. Kemaev O.V.**, Kulik M.V.**, Ph.D. Shabalin O.V.**
The development of a preliminary project of an autonomous cryogenic nitrogen system
for the nuclear power plant
*) MSTU named after N.E. Bauman, Moscow, Russia
**) Interregional Social Foundation «Institute of Engineering Physics», Serpukhov, Moscow region, Russia


20. associate prof. Ekaterina S. Navasardyan, associate prof. Elena N. Simakova
Evgeniy A. Antonov, Alexander S. Zharuk
Comparison of methods for producing methane from biogas
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Moscow, Russia


21. T. Semikolenov, D. Grigoreva, N. Kislenko
Highly sour natural gas treatment
LLŃ «Gazprom razvitie»
Moscow, Russia


22. Tyukulmin Sergei Nikolaevich, President ZAO “Kislorodmontaz
Vlasyuk Vladimir Antonovich, Chief Technologist ZAO “Kislorodmontaz”,
Technical regulation in the oxygen and cryogenic equipment branch
ZAO “Kislorodmontaz”
Moscow, Russia


23. Drobyshev A., Shinbaeva A.
The role of the Technical Committees in the process of forming a single customs space.
A View from Kazakhstan
Kazakh National University named al-Faraby
Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan


24. Alina Minitaeva
System analysis of the mathematical methods of the checking the ecological influence of the transport engines on environment control
Russian state social university - RSSU
Moscow, Russia


25. M.I Voronin, B.S Babakin
The concept of the use aseptic cold âó electrophysical methods
Moscow State University of Food Production
Moscow, Russia

Conference history:

Activity Report of the Second International Conference "Industrial Gases - 2011"

Activity Report of the First International Conference "Industrial Gases - 2009"

Project manager of the conference:

Larisa V. Utochkina

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