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Exhibition / archive / Cryogen-Expo - 2004

The 3rd International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: November 16-19, 2004.

Venue: All-Russian Exhibition Center, hall №70 (Center "Moscow").

Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Under the auspices of: The Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation, the International Academy of Refrigeration, Moscow Center of Introduction of Science and Technology Achievements "Moscow", the Ukrainian association of technical gases manufacturers "UA-SIGMA".

Information Report on the activity at the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo - 2004":

The 3rd International Specialized Trade Fair "Cryogen-Expo" has been held on November 16-19, 2004 at the Center "Moscow" (Russian Exhibition Center, Hall No70). It was organized by the Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" under the auspices of: The International Academy of Refrigeration, the Moscow Center "Moskva" for the promotion of the science and technology achievements, The "UA-Sigma" Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers.

The main purpose of the Fair was to help the exhibitors to establish new business contacts and partners relations, to develop cryogenic engineering and to widely use the applied cryogenic technologies in the different branches of industry and medicine.

The nearly all cryogenic divisions were exposed at the Fair: the cryogenic, helium, refrigeration, cryo-thermo-vacuum, air-fractioning units, the equipment for the gasification, the air separating installations, heat-exchanges, pumps and compressors, tanks; the manufacture, storage and transportation of the liquid natural gas; the technologies of the hydrogen producing and using.

The advanced developments and equipment were exhibited by the enterprises such as: JSC "Cryogenmash", JSC "Kislorodmash", Chart Ferox a.s.,JSC "Giprokislorod", JSC "Cryoprom", "NORDON CRYOGENIE SAS", "CRYOMEC AG", JSC "Premium Engineering", JSC "Uralcryomash", AIR PRODUCTS, JSC Uralcryotechnika ( Industrial Group "Uralinvestenergo"), JSC "Zont" Trade mark "Autogenmash", "UkrRosMetall", Linde AG, MedTechnology,Ltd SPF, AWT Company, Medical Cryology Center "onKolor Ltd", Real Sorb, e.t.c.

The International practical-research conferences were carried out in the frame work of the Fair.

"Cryogenic technologies and equipment. Prospects of development"

Subjects of reports: manufacture, storage and transportation of LNG and inert gases; air separation installations and processes, storage and transportation of separated products; LH and hydrogen technologies; application, operating experience of cryogenic engineering and technologies in industry, science and agriculture.

"New achievements in practical medical cryology"

Subjects of reports: general and local extreme aerocryotherapy, cryosergury for the internal pathological processes, cryogenic treatment of tumour and focal pathological skin processes for children and adults; cryogenic treatment in gynecology; cryogenic treatment of upper respiratory pathways and mouth cavity; new cryogenic medical devices and equipment.

More then 40 conducting scientists and specialists in the field of the cryo engineering and medical cryology from Russia, Ukraine and Germany .made the reports in the path of the two working days of the conferences.

The last trade fair "Cryogen-Expo were greatly appreciated by the specialists from Russia, ISA and foreign countries, being reflected in the issues of the Publishing Houses including the journals and specialized research issies. This fact formed the basis of making the decision to carry out the 4-th International Specialized Trade Fair "Cryogen-Expo" and the International practical research conferences which would be of the deeper interest and more representatively, the Exhibition Co "Mir-Expo" are to be the organizer.

The 4-th exhibition "Cryogen-Expo - 2005" is planned to be held on November 15-18, 2005. The International practical research conferences are to be in the frame work of the exhibition the same.

The location of the Fair is to be the Center "Moskva" (Russian Exhibition Center, Hall No70).

List of the Participants of the "Cryogen-Expo - 2004" Exhibition:

  • Auto gas filling complex
  • AWT Company
  • Chemical and petroleum engineering
  • Cryogenmash, JSC
  • Cryomec AG
  • Cryoprom, ICF
  • Ekrit, LTD
  • Ferox a.s.
  • Giprokislorod, JSC
  • Kholodilnaya Tekhnika
  • Kholodilnoye Delo
  • Kislorodmash, JSC
  • Med-Technology, LTD SPF
  • Nordon Cryogenie SAS
  • Oncolor, JSC
  • Premium Engineering
  • Real Sorb, LLC MSF
  • Technical Gases
  • Ukrrosmetall, concern
  • Uralcryomash, JSC
  • Uralinvestenergo, LTD
  • Uralvagonzavod, Production Association
  • Zont, JSC


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