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Cryogen-Expo - 2018 / 17th International Specialized Exhibition / October 30 - November 1, 2018 / Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia






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Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2018 / exhibition / exhibitor list

Preliminary Exhibitor List of "Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases 2018":

  • ACD CRYO AG, Muenchenstein, Switzerland
    (reciprocating and centrifugal cryogenic pumps)
  • ACCORD, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (production of stainless steel hoses, cryogenic hoses with screen-vacuum insulation; manufacture and supply of pipeline fittings and threaded fittings of stainless steels; sale of stainless steel products)
  • Anhui Clean Energy Co., Ltd, China
    (cryogenic cylinders)
    (the largest resource for industrial fittings in Europe, Asia and the CIS)
  • AvtoGazTrans, Samara, Russia
    (carbon-dioxide equipment and its after-sales service)
    (cryogenic cylinders)
  • CaDi, Samara, Russia
    (commercial and special carbon dioxide equipment on turnkey basis)
  • Camelot Publishing, Moscow, Russia
    (publishing house)
  • Chart Ferox, Decin, Czech Republic
    (vacuum insulated vessels, heat exchangers, transportable cryogenic vessels and other equipment)
  • CRYOBAK, Moscow, Russia
    (gasifiers, tanks, fuel reservoirs, cryogenic pumps, cryogenic fittings)
  • Cryoconsul, Moscow, Russia
    (full complex of works on designing and independent expertise of internal engineering systems and their elements at objects of different kind and application)
  • Cryostar, Hesingue, France
    (cryogenic pumps, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, automatic filling stations for industrial gases and LNG)
  • Cryotec, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic tanks, vaporizers, transportable gasifiers, cryobanks, cryogenic accessories)
  • Demaco Cryogenics Russia, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic infrastructure of LNG terminals, Air Separation Units, storage systems, and other cryo and vacuum systems)
  • Eurasia-ADR, Cologne, Germany
    (transport and stationary tanks, air and gas separation plants and other new and used European cryogenic equipment)
  • FARGAZ RUS, Smolensk, Russia
    (official representative of Cavagna Group on the territory of the Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Products: high-pressure valves for a variety of gases, gas pressure regulators (CNG and LPG) valves LPG for tanks and LNG)
  • Gasworld, Truro, UK
    (specialized global industrial gas magazine)
  • Hebei Runfeng Cryogenic Equipment co., Moscow, Russia
    (cyliders for technical gases)
  • Herose, Bad-Oldesloe, Germany
    (safety relief valves for gas, flow and steam processing)
  • Jiangsu Serlng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., Jiangsu, China
    (LNG cylinders)
  • Jinan Deyang Cryogenic Technology Co.,Ltd., China
    (cryogenic cylinders)
  • Intertechpribor, Moscow, Russia
    (gas-analyzers WITT)
  • Kholodilnaya Tekhnika Publishing House, Moscow, Russia
  • Kislorodmash, Novocherkassk, Russia
    (air separation units and components for them)
  • Liming Gas Group (Shenyang Hong Sheng Gas Company Limited), China
    (cylinders for technical gases)
  • Lydall, New-York, USA
    (air, fluid power and life sciences filtration products and thermal and insulating solutions for appliance, cryogenic, electrical and building applications; cryogenic insulation products)
  • Monitoring, Moscow, Russia
    (faucets, fittings, cryogenic tanks of the leading world manufacturers)
  • Monitoring NPO, Moscow, Russia
    (full range of works of providing plants and factories with industrial gases)
  • Monitoring Ventil & Fiting, Moscow, Russia
    (cryogenic fittings, cylinders, equipment for cryogenics, high pressure, aggressive media)
  • Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E Bauman (BMSTU), Moscow, Russia, Power Engineering Faculty Refrigeration, Cryogenic Technique and Comfort Life Support Systems Department (E-4)
  • NEL Hydrogen, the USA
    (hydrogen generators)
  • Oxymat, Moscow, Russia
    (compressors, air separation units, oxygen generators, nitrogen generators)
  • PKF-Swift, Yaroslavl, Russia
    (cryogenic tanks, industrial gases)
  • Polus Holoda, Moscow, Russia
    (dry ice)
  • RegO, Gladenbach, Germany
    (cryogenic safety relief valves, LNG pressure regulators)
  • Regulyator, NPO, Yaroslavl, Russia
    (cryogenic valves)
  • Research and Production Corporation of oil and gas equipment and special vehicles (GT7), Moscow, Russia
    (storage and transportation equipment for LNG and LPG)
  • Rezgor, Moscow, Russia
    (welding equipment)
  • RT-Prom, Moscow, Russia
    (Dewar vessels)
  • Scientific and Technical Complex Cryogenic technique, Ltd, Russia, Omsk
    (cryogenic equipment, products of micro cryogenics and refrigeration engineering)
  • Stels, Perm, Russia
    (valves and actuators supply, including for cryogenic application)
  • TGKO, Moscow, Russia
    (Internet resource that joins manufacturers, salesmen, customers of all kinds of industrial gases, gaseous mixtures, equipment for production and application of cryogenic liquids and gases)
  • Tvergazservis, Tver, Russia
    (industrial and medical gases, block valves, high-pressure vessels)
  • VRV Group, Ornago, Italy
    (equipment for storage and transportation of cryogenic gases)
  • WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG, Witten, Germany
    (control and safety equipment for industrial gases)
  • Worthington Aritas, Turkey / Austria
    (cryogenic steel cylinders)
  • Xinxiang Chengde Gas, China
    (cryogenic cylinders)

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