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21st International Specialized Exhibition Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases / September 17 - 19, 2024 / Hall 2, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia






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Exhibition / archive / Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2013

Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2013
The 12th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: November 27 - 29, 2013

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

Under the auspices of: International Institute of Refrigeration, International Academy of Refrigeration, Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers “UA-SIGMA”

Final Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2013 video:

Post-release on the exhibition:

On November 27 – 29 the 12th exhibition “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2013” took place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. It is a unique international specialized event of cryogenic branch, at which a wide range of cryogenic equipment and technologies, services for production, storage and transportation of industrial, rare gases and LNG are present.

This year the exhibition occupied 2700 sq.m., 77 companies from 14 countries took part in it, among them are traditionally such industry leaders as “Linde Engineering” (Germany), “Chart Ferox” (Czech Republic), “VRV Group” (Italy), “SIAD RUS” (Russia), “Taylor-Wharton” (Slovakia), “Premium Engineering” (Russia) jointly with “Red Mountain Energy” (USA), “TGE Gas Engineering” (Germany), “Herose Gmbh” (Germany), “Cryogenmash” (Russia), “Krion” (Belarus), Industrial Group “TEGAS” (Russia), “Uralcryomash” (Russia), “Geliymash” (Russia), “Monitoring” (Moscow), “NPO Monitoring” (Russia).

The exhibitor list was also completed with new names: “Gazprom Gazenergoset” (Russia), "ENERGO AVANGARD" (Russia), "Cryogenic gas technologies" (Russia), “Orange Research” (USA), “TECHNEX Ltd.” (Ukraine), “Techno Express” (Russia), "HimTehGaz" (Russia), «EMAS Cryogenic» (Turkey), Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O. Galkin NASU (Ukraine) and others.

The exhibition section “Industrial Gases” is expanding every year. In its frames the manufacturers of industrial, medical and rare gases offered their production: “SIAD RUS”, “Linde Engineering”, “Krion”, “Cryogen firm”, “Argon”, “Monitoring” (Saint-Petersburg). The new exhibitor "HimTehGaz" presented gas cylinders filled with different types of technical gases: oxygen, propane, argon, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, acetylene and welding mixture. Products and services in the area of carbon dioxide were demonstrated by “AvtoGazTrans” and “Cadi”.

In the frames of the actively developing section on hydrogen technologies "ENERGO AVANGARD" presented electrolysis units ErreDue S.p.A (Italy) for hydrogen production.

"Kislorodmash" took part in the exhibition for the first time as a Russian enterprise founded in 2012 with an aim to recreate all the intellectual and technological traditions of "Kislorodmash" Ukraine and to shift production to Russia. The company is a manufacturer of air separation plants and their components from design to commissioning of equipment.

Products and services in the area of LNG were represented by our permanent exhibitors: “Chart Ferox”, “Cryostar” (France), “M-Trade” (Russia), “Uralcryomash”, “Cryomash-BZKM” (Russia) and new ones. Among them are such companies as “Gazprom Gazenergoset” that is implementing pilot LNG supply projects within the Program of gasification of the Russian Federation regions, “TECHNEX Ltd.” that offered visitors LNG plants and large-capacity LNG terminals; "Cryogenic gas technologies" that demonstrated LNG units, LNG storage and regasification systems and others.

The new exhibitor "Kislorodmontazh" offered specialists services on erecting technological equipment of air separation shops: air separation plants, compressor equipment; rehabilitation of air separation production facilities, air separation plants and other cryogenic equipment, performing on-site projects in the area of air separation production, creation of resonance units for cooling gases.

“Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases – 2013” business program expanded significantly and became more diversified. Visitors had an opportunity to attend the following new events: International Seminar «Cryogenics for Superconducting Electroenergetics» and Seminar «Future Direction of JSC «NPO «Geliymash». In the frames of the business program the First Meeting of the Technical Committee on standardization of Rosstandart TÑ - 114 "Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment" and discussion on the activity of the Non-Commercial Partnership "Competence Center on Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment" took place.

Listeners also attended two conferences: 10th International Conference “Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment. Prospects of Development” and International Conference “Industrial Gases” with “Liquefied Natural Gas” Section. Specialists of scientific-research institutes and gas related companies made presentations and scientific reports. Among them were such companies as “Cryogenmash”, “AvtoGazTrans”, “Air Liquide Advanced Technologies” (France) “Iceblick”, “Cryomash-BZKM” and others. Traditionally, the Academic adviser of the conferences was the scientist of international fame, Mr. Aleksey Arkharov.

The Independent Audit Check of Statistic Figures was carried out during “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases – 2013”. According to the experts’ conclusion at the space of 2700 sq. m. there were 77 exhibitors, including 49 domestic companies and 28 foreign ones from 14 countries. 2040 people visited the exhibition during 3 days, 96% of them were specialists. The visitors of the exhibition are representatives of oil-refining companies, metallurgical enterprises, scientific-research institutes, machinery-building companies, enterprises of chemical industry, alimentary industry, microelectronics and military industrial sector.

The exhibition demonstrated qualitative growth and got many positive reviews from exhibitors and visitors. According to their opinion, “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases” is a very important event. Being a unique trade fair of this subject in Europe, it demonstrates the development of cryogenic technologies and industrial gas industry. It contributes to relationship between long-standing partners and establishment of new efficient contacts.

The next 13th edition of “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2014” will be held on October 28 - 30, 2014 in Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.


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"Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2013" Exhibitors List:

Business program of Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2013:

10th International Conference «Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment. Prospects of Development»

The conference was chaired by Aleksey M. Arkharov, the famous Russian scientist, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the «Cryogen-Expo» exhibition, Doctor of Technique, professor, head of E-4 department of the BMSTU, the honorary member of the International Institute of Refrigeration, the laureate of the state awards.


On development of classic Clausius, Gui and Stodol equations to analyze and estimate real low temperature systems
À.Ì. Arkharov, V.V. Sychev, BMSTU, MEI TU, Moscow, Russia

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies turbo-machines
C. Gondrand 1, F. Delcayre1, F. Durand 1, 1 Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, Sassenage, France

Creating, experience of operating of railway cryogenic tanks for the products of air separation
O. Ya. Cheremnykh, OJSC "Uralcryomash", Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region, Russia

Cascade units for neon stable isotopes production by rectification method in multifractional cascade at T = 28 K
1 Bondarenko V.L., 2 Symonenko I.M., 3 Matveev E.V., 1 Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Moscow, Russia, 2 Institute of Refrigeration Cryotechnology and Ecoenergetics n. a. V.S. Martynovsky, Odessa, Ukraine, 3 Iceblick, Ltd., 29, Pastera Str., Odessa, Ukraine

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies refrigeration systems
C. Gondrand 1, F. Durand1, M. Staempflin 1, 1 Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, Sassenage, France

Usage of units based on organic Rankine cycle for recycling of low-grade heat
V.A. Abroskin, A.A. Kishkin, A.V. Delkov, Siberian State Aerospace University named after academician M. F. Reshetnev, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Cryomagnetic Separation - Ecologically Friendly Energy-Efficient Technology
Anton Barda, Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O.Galkin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine

The method and equipment for long-term storage of biological samples in granules of carbon dioxide
PhD, Prof. A.I. Smorodin 1, PhD V.V. Red`kin 2, PhD A.A. Korobkov 2, PhD O.V. Kemaev 2, M.V. Kulik 2, S.B. Vorontsov 2
1 BMSTU, Moscow, Russia; 2 Interregional Social Foundation; Institute of Engineering Physics, Serpukhov, Moscow Region, Russia

Usage of cryogenic displays in the thermal testing of spacecrafts
A.A. Kishkin, A.V. Delkov, A.A. Hodenkov, Siberian State Aerospace University named after academician M. F. Reshetnev
Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The problems of development of cryogenic technology in KAZAKHSTAN and the ways of solving it
Drobyshev A.S, Shinbayeva A.K, "Scientific Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics" Kazakh National University n. a. Al-Farabi, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Status of industrial safety in the cryogenic branch and tasks of a new Technical Committee “On Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment, S.N. Tyukulmin,V.A. Vlasyuk, ZAO «Kislorodmontazh», Moscow, Russia

Refrigeration cycle efficiency taking into account azeotrope formation thermal effects
V.M. Eroshenko, D.I. Mazurin, JSC Energy Institute named after G.M. Krzhizhanovsky, Moscow, Russia

Technology Licensing: the legal means to increase profitability
N.M. Zaychenko, ODO «Alexander Nevsky Legal Society»

Vacuum technologies and aerospace industry
S.B. Nesterov, JSC “Vekshinski Research Institute of Vacuum Technology”, Moscow, Russia

Section «LNG»


Research and development of small-capacity plants of liquefaction of natural gas
A.M. Arkharov, V.Yu. Semenov, BMSTU, Moscow, Russia

New technical decisions of "Cryomash-BZKM" in liquefaction and regasification of Natural gas, as well as the introduction of liquefied Natural gas in transportation. Technological aspects of cryogenic and vacuum equipment machinery, special purpose
A.V.Semenov, V.V. Semenov, O.E. Chubarov, I.M. Zagiev, G.Yu. Tsfasman, S.V. Semenov, "Cryomash-BZKM" LLC, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia

Progress of Small LNG technology
Chrz Vaclav, Chart Ferox a. s., Decin, Czech Republic

Small Scale LNG Equipment and Solutions
V.E.Melnikov, CRYOSTAR SAS, France

International Conference «Industrial Gases»


Helium recovery by cryogenic methods - technologies complex of the future
1 Bondarenko A.V., 1 Symonenko I.M., 2 Chigrin A.A., 1 Institute of Refrigeration Cryotechnology and Ecoenergetics n.a. V.S. Martynovsky, Odessa, Ukraine, 2 Iceblick, Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine

Hydrogen liquefier by Air Liquide Advanced Technologies
C. Gondrand 1, S. Crispel1, V.Grabie 1, 1 Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, Sassenage, France

Noble gases isotopes as biomarkers
I.A. Arkharov, E.S. Navasardyan, D.Dolgopyatov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

Recycle scheme of insulating gas
R.I. Payanen, I.M. Mazurin, Public corporation «Energeticheskiyinstitut» n. a. G.M. Krzhizhanovskiy, Moscow, Russia

Modern equipment, production AvtoGazTrans Ltd (Samara city), ensures cost-effective provision of technological lines of carbon dioxide "ÑÎ2", S.P. Alimov, R. Sysoev, AvtoGazTrans Ltd, Samara city, Russia

Using a low-temperature distillation to recycle refrigerants
V.N. Artemov, I.M. Mazurin

Application of industrial gases during vegetable products storage and in the technologies of biologically active substances extraction
1 Bondarenko V.L., 2 DalakovP.I., 3 Poddubna M.V., 1 Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Moscow, Russia, 2 Iceblick, Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine, 3 Institute of Refrigeration Cryotechnology and Ecoenergetics n. a. V.S. Martynovsky, Odessa, Ukraine

Stability fluorocarbons at radiating and temperature influence
R.L. Gerasimov, I.M. Mazurin, Public corporation «Energeticheskiyinstitut» n. a. G.M. Krzhizhanovskiy, Moscow, Russia

International Seminar «Cryogenics for superconducting electroenergetics»


Superconductivity in electroenergetics and cryogenics necessary
Vitaly Vysotsky, JSC "VNIIKP"

Cryogenics system for long superconducting cable lines
Valery Firsov, Moscow Aviation Institute

Cryogenic system software HTS cable length of 2500 meters
Grigory Shubin, NPO Geliymash

Turbo Brayton technology for supraconductivity
Y. Dupont, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, Sassenage, France

Seminar «Future direction of JSC «NPO «Geliymash

Presentations: G.S. Shubin G.S, V.N. Udut, B.D. Krakow (JSC "NPO" Geliymash "), V.E. Sytnikov (STC FGC), V.M. Patrickeyev (NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTRE "KURCHATOV INSTITUTE") Moscow, Russia

First Meeting of the Technical Committee on standardization of Rosstandart TÑ - 114 "Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment". Discussion on the activity of the Non- Commercial Partnership "Competence Center on Oxygen and Cryogenic Equipment".




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