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Exhibition / archive / Cryogen-Expo - 2010

The 9th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: November 10 - 12, 2010.

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Under the auspices of: International Institute of Refrigeration, International Academy of Refrigeration, Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers “UA-SIGMA”.

Information supporting: GasWorld, the main publishing houses and technical magazines.

Information Report on the activity at the 9th International Specialized Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo - 2010":

The 9th International Specialized Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo" was held on the November 9-11 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow, Russia). The Exhibition was organized by the Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"under the auspices of the International Institute of Refrigeration, International Academy of Refrigeration, Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers "UA-SIGMA".

Traditioanally, Mr. A.M.Arkharov, Laureate of State Prizes, Government Awards and Gustav Lorentzen International Award, Vice-President of the National Russian Committee for the IIR, Honorary IIR Member became the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the "Cryogen-Expo" Exhibition.

Despite the economic difficulties in Russia and abroad, the exhibition area has increased by 15% compared to 2009. The booths of 77 companies from Russia, Italy, Belarus, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, USA, Czech Republic, The Netherlands were presented to the attendants' attention on the 2100 sq.m area.

As usual, the world leading companies in cryogenic sphere and gas industry participated at "Cryogen-Expo" - Air Liquide, Linde, Siad, Vancetti, VRV, Fema, International Group "Rare Gases", Chart Ferox, Stirling, CryoZone, Hydrogen Technologies, Praxair, WITT-Gasetechnic, Cryostar, Cryolor, Red Mountain Energy, Fives Cryogenie, Lydall Performance Materials.

However, it would be incorrect to underestimate the Russian exhibitors' importance, who's part in 2010 has grown up significantly. Russian market was represented by permanent exhibition partners (NII KM, GRASYS, Cryogenmash, Cryosystems, Industrial Gases, Monitoring Ventil & Fiting, AvtoGasTrans). There also were the new Russian companies among the participants: ARTON, Intech Analytics, Convince, Provita, Atmosfera, Orgregionproect and others.

The specialists who visited the Exhibition, became acquainted with the innovative cryogenic equipment issues, modern gas liquefaction technologies, methods of air separation, storage and transportation systems of gases and liquids, modern equipment for industrial and rare gases' production.

"Air Liquide" became primary sponsor of the exhibition's multifarious business program. Powered by Professor A. Archarow and BMSTU (particularly E 4 Subdepartment ) it consisted of a number of events, such as: International scientific conference "Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Industrial Gases, Air Condition and Life Support Systems", the 7th International Conference "Cryogenic technologies and equipment - prospective and developments" with scientifically-practical seminar on industrial gases and the 5th Practical-research Conference with international involvement "New Achievements in Practical Medical Cryology". The acclaimed experts in cryogenic sphere and young specialists represented their reports and presentations within the frames of these international conferences.

Attention! Full report on the business program within the frames of the Cryogen-Expo - 2010 you can see here:

The exhibition was attended by about 1300 specialists during the three working days.

The Organizing committee received favorable responses from visitors and exhibitors who have already intended to take part in "Cryogen-Expo - 2011". The 10th anniversary exhibition will be held in November 8-10 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow, Russia).

List of the Participants of the "Cryogen-Expo - 2010" Exhibition:

Participant`s feedback:

Air Liquide, OOO

Air Liquide OOO expresses its gratitude to EC "Mir-Expo" for the high level of Cryogen-Expo Trade Fair and its business program organization.

The event was significant, there were a lot of Russian and foreign specialists among the participants and visitors.

We would like to express the special gratitude for the effective collaboration within the frames of support program of the conferences, which were sponsored by Air Liquide.

Michael Vorobiev

The head of Marketing Department, Intech Analytics, CJSC

On the whole, "Cryogen-Expo" Trade Fair was successful for our company.

The booth location and its equipment were remarkable.

We hope that the exhibition results will not make us wait for a long time.

We would like to thank the Organizing committee for understanding and kind assistance. Next year we plan to take part in this exhibition as well.

Laurent Reichenshammer

Sales Manager Distribution Pumps, CRYOSTAR SAS, France

As every year the Cryogen Expo has been a great opportunity to meet customers and new prospects interested in our products and services.

This event has definitely become 'mandatory' when you deal with gas companies in Russia and CIS.

The particularity of this year is that we have seen twice more people interested in LNG applications compared to last year. This confirms the will of Russian Government to push for LNG that will lead to new opportunities for cryogenic equipment manufacturers.

I am sure the organizers from Cryogen Expo will take that into account for next year.

Alexander Podcherniaev

Sales manager of cryogenic equipment, Cryosystems, Inc.

The "Cryogen-Expo" Trade Fair was organized perfectly. "Cryosystems" company would like to express gratitude to the Organizing Committee and Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo". The exhibition showed that despite the financial crisis of 2009-2010, the customers demand for cryogenic equipment has grown up. A lot of spheres and brunches of industry appeared, where cryogenic and vacuum equipment is used extensively.

Besides, the show expressed that the market of LNG consumption is growing up. This fact makes in turn manufacturers to produce new issues of capacity and liquefying equipment for modern energetic projects underway.

Further more, food-processing industry provides its production facilities with cryogenic systems, consequently creating new spheres of liquefied gases consumption.

Svetlana Trufanova

Director General, AvtoGazTrans Ltd.

AvtoGazTrans Ltd has been participating in "Cryogen-Expo" since 2006.

The show of 2010 satisfied our expectations. The number of visitors exceeded our plan and was the greatest compared to the all previous years. The exhibitions was attended by the representatives of many manufacturing enterprises from Russia and abroad who are interested in the same brunch of industry as our company. There were meetings, technical consultations and productive business negotiations.

We would like to express gratitude to the Organizing Committee for invitation and reception at the exhibition, for the opportunity to take part in the conferences.

We are pleased with the exhibition results, established business contacts and partnership links.

The next year AvtoGazTrans Ltd. plans to participate "Cryogen-Expo" traditionally.

Yuriy Ignatov

Director General, Provita, Ltd.

Our company participated in "Cryogen-Expo" Trade Fair for the first time. We represented adsorption plants for air separation.

we would like to notice the great interest of specialists to our equipment. There were a lot of useful negotiations with different brunches of industry representatives. We hope these contacts will find the practical results.

We would like to thank the EC "Mir-Expo" for the prompt rectification of problems appeared.

We hope for our participation in the next exhibition.

Gulnaz Shaygardanova

PR-manager, Industrial Gases Ltd.

Industrial Gases Ltd. takes part in the exhibitions, devoted to gas and cryogenic equipment regularly. We exhibited "Cryogen-Expo" not only because of the image, but it was also very efficient because of our interest to its other participants and visitors.

This exhibition creates new opportunities for us: we held a number of meetings with European and Russian companies representatives, furthermore established many useful relationships with exhibitors and visitors.

We would like to mention the excellent organizers work: participants were provided with the opportunity of production and services presentation to their focus audience, particularly on the top level.

We wish to "Cryogen-Expo" further development and prosperity!

Natalia Artemieva

the head of Communication Department of Fives representative office in Russia

"Cryogen-Expo" Trade Fair made the most affirmative impression: there was a great amount of visitors, who showed the specialists interests to cryogenic equipment and technologies. This fact confirms the positive trends and considerable capacities of national cryogenic market. We were succeed in negotiations not only with our regular clients, but also with prospective customers, that is very important for further business development.

Furthermore, we would like to mention organizers attentive and responsive concern during the exhibition preparation process.

Conference Program:

Features of Thermodynamic Analysis of Cryosystems
Doctor of Science, Prof. A. Arkharov, Bauman MSTU, Moscow, Russia

Systems of Cryogenic Provision of Multicomponent Gas Mixtures Separation within the Range 50…200 K
V.L. Bondarenko 1, N.P. Losyakov 2, O.V. Diachenko 3, Yu.M. Simonenko 3
1 Moscow Bauman State Technical University 1, Lefortovskaya Quay 105005, Moscow, Russia
2 Iceblick, Ltd., 29, Pastera Str., 65026, Odessa, Ukraine
3 Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, 1/3, Dvorianskaya Str., 65080, Odessa, Ukraine

Presentation of New Technologies of Air Liquide Company in Russia
Alain Cottereau, " Large Industries " business line director in Russia, Moscow, Russia

Gas-Dynamic Refrigerators and Separators in the Units for Production of Rare Gases and Their Stable Iisotopes
V.L. Bondarenko 1, N.P. Losyakov 2, Yu.M. Simonenko 3
1 Moscow Bauman State Technical University 1, Lefortovskaya Quay, 105005, Moscow, Russia
2 Iceblick, Ltd., 29, Pastera Str., 65026, Odessa, Ukraine
3 Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, 1/3, Dvorianskaya Str., 65080, Odessa, Ukraine

Attainable Superheat and Surface Tension of Components of Liquefied Natural Gas
Baidakov V.G., Kaverin A.M., Khotienkova M.N., Petrov S.I., Andbaeva V.N., The Institute of Thermophysics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia

The study of the temperature field on the tissue surface cooled by the thin film of boiling gas mixture
R.O. Kondratenko, S.B. Nesterov
Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Vekshinski State Research Institute of Vacuum Technology", Moscow, Russian Federation

Hot Water Supply by Heat Pumps on the Technical Escape of Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station
Abroskin V.A., Kishkin A.A., Nepomnyashchii D.A.
Siberian State Aerospace University named Academician M.F. Reshetnev, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Application of Discharge Elements in Refrigerators
M.I. Voronin, B.S. Babakin, MSAAB, Moscow, Russia

Cryoflex - Convenient Cryogenic Piping
Holger Lehmann, NEXANS Deutschland GmbH, Hannover

About Working Concept on the Field of Cryogenic Technologies
S. L. Dobrynin, Development and Research Director of NPO AVTOGAZTRANS, Samara, Russia

Cryogenic Gas and Liquid Coolers
Wim van Rookhuijzen, Stirling Cryogenics BV, The Netherlands

Cryogenic Vacuum Insulation for LNG and Liquid IndustriaL Gases
Anatoli Kogan, James E.Fesmire, Wesley L. Johnson, John E. Minnick, Lydall Performance Materials, USA, NASA Kennedy Space Center, USA


The Second International Seminar "Industrial Gases"

Hydrogen Electrolysis production Units
Iain Alexander Russel, Regional Sales Director Europe, CIS (of Russia) and Oceania, Hydrogen Technologies, Norway

Small Plants for LNG Production
L.B. Volokitin, "KholodGasEngineering", Moscow, Russia, A.N. Parkin, A.E. Popov, A.D. Slavutskiy, "VNIIKHOLODMASH-HOLDING", Moscow, Russia

Modern Automated Equipment, Production AvtoGazTrans Ltd (Samara city), Ensures Cost-Effective Provision of Technological Lines of Carbon Dioxide "СО2", S.P. Alimov, AvtoGazTrans Ltd, Chief Engineer, Samara, Russia.

Lurgi solution for H2 in Russia
Maik Kadelbach, Lurgi's representative office director, Moscow, Russia




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